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     Try Us On UBER EATS!

   Try Us On UBER EATS!





Simply put, this is houston's best and favorite hotdog!


Is this a New York style dog?
Chicago style?
Seattle style?
— multiple customers

Nope. It's none of the above!


Many people look at the list of ingredients and think "Uhhhhhh, I'm not to sure about this!"  However, after the first bite, all questions and hesitations immediately vanish.  This is because of the magical flavor profile that takes over mind, body and soul.


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Thursdays, fridays & saturdays @ Little Woodrow's Midtown

2306 Brazos St. Houston, TX 77006


Thu  800pm-230am

Fri   800pm-300am

Sat  800pm-300am

See Map (below) for address and navigation.

JonJon's cart is located immediately outside Little Woodrow's fence on Brazos Street.


sundays @ capitol bar midtown

2415 Main St, Houston, TX 77002

Hours:  600pm-1155pm

See Map (below) for address and navigation.

JonJon's cart is located inside the back bar patio and if you are only walking in & out to get 'Take Out Hotdogs' then you will not have to pay a cover.  If you have a group of people (just coming only for hotdogs, the doormen will only allow 1 or 2 group reps to enter (in behalf of the group). It is best to use cash and the group rep should collect it in advance of ordering to make for a quick and simple process.




    $5  JonJon's Street Dog (fully loaded)

This is the flagship dog that has gained us thousands of customers coming in from all parts of the state. We strongly recommend (and P U S H) you on getting your hotdog "Fully Loaded" as that is the recipe that has earned us raves from thousands of customers seeking "the best hotdog ever."   

$5 veggie Dog (Fully loaded)

After testing many types of veggie dogs, JonJon finally found the 'ONE' that was worthy enough to be served to our customers.  It is soy bean based, but it is not bland and flavorless like a lot of the other ones out there.  


"Fully Loaded" includes:  

Toasted bun

100% All Beef Frank or

Premium Veggie Dog

Cream Cheese

Chipotle Mustard

Asian Ketchup

Caramelized Onions

Crunch Mix

Honey Mayo

Sriracha sauce


Salsa Verde Jalepeno (aka "Green Sauce") is NOT included in our fully loaded dogs and must be requested separately.

Important note for all you 'Non-Onion' eaters.  Our onions are caramelized and don't really taste like onions, so just take them without resistance.  We have over 1000 onion-hating customers that EAT our fully loaded hotdogs WITH our caramelized Onions and love them!


Most Popular Orders:

(Green sauce is never included unless specifically requested).

1. "Fully Loaded"  Everything!!!  Most Popular!

2. "Fully Loaded + Green Sauce"  Spicy!

3. "No Dairy"  Everything except - Cream Cheese & Honey Mayo.

4. "No Caramelized Onions" Everything except Caramelized Onions.  

5. "No Crunchy Mix"   Everything except for Fried Crunchy Mix.

6. "No Spicy Everything except Chipotle Mustard and Sriracha.

(Green sauce is never included unless specifically requested).


$2 drinks

Bottled water



Sunkist Orange




** For CATERING ONLY, we offer OMG Pork Bratwurst!









Our catering availability is quite limited, however, if available - we will certainly make your event a memorable one!  How? Because we don't just cook and serve great food, WE ENGAGE to ensure that everyone close to the action has a fun and memorable experience.

Items to consider:

  • Our MINIMUM is $500.00 plus tax (includes up to 100 fully loaded hotdogs or a combination of hotdogs, veggie dogs and/or pork bratwurst). 

  • Serving time included with your catering:  100 hot dogs = 1 hour, 200 hot dogs = 1.5 hours, 300 hot dogs = 2 hours, 400 hot dogs = 2.5 hours.  Please note that additional time for set-up (1 hour) and clean up/ (1 hour) is included (and in addition to the stated service times).

  • Fully Loaded All Beef Hotdogs are provided at $5.00/each.

  • Veggie "bratwurst" (meatless, soy bean tofu based) are available and provided at $6.00/each.

  • Bratwurst (pork) is available and provided at $7.00/each (only in batches of 10). The bratwurst are 'finished' on the same griddle as the all-beef hotdogs with the same utensils.

  • A Travel fee may apply depending on the distance, time of day, and traffic conditions to your event site.

  • It is strongly recommended that you create/provide tickets (of some sort), so that the intended hotdog recipients get the correct quantity of hotdogs. This also enables coworkers to pickup hotdogs for other coworkers that cannot leave their station during Hotdog serving hours.  It provides a simple means of control (and again, is highly recommended).

  • Thursday through Sunday nights may or may not be available due to ongoing operations at our permanent locations.

  • Payment/Terms: For private parties, full cash payment is due upon arrival at event or prior (up to a $1000.00 order). For orders over $1000.00, a 20% deposit (via mailed check) will be required 2 weeks in advance). For corporate events, payment is due 7 days in advance of event via corporate check or credit card payment.  

  • Sales tax is applied and online credit card invoice/payment via requires an additional $45.00 online transaction/processing fee.

  • Tax Exempt entities must provide proof of Tax Exempt status 2 weeks prior to event date by completing page two of the following form and emailing it to CLICK THE FOLLOWING LINK TO DOWNLOAD THE FORM >>>   Texas Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certification




JonJon's Hotdog may or may not participate at your special (non-catered) event. This is where JonJon's Hotdog is not hired for a catered event (and paid in advance), but instead, invited to sell at an event.  Our decision to participate will be made after we have determined the viability of the event and meeting minimum sales needs.  If you are willing to guarantee a minimum $ amount for sales, we will be much more interested.




Q:  How long will you be at my event location?

A:  We will arrive 30-60 minutes before your required start (serving) time, and depart (cleanup) approximately 1 hour after the serving time has expired.


Q: Will you bring extra in case I underestimate?

A:  We would love to, however, we'd be wasting food (like grilled onions for example).



Q:  Can we take photos and videos of you in action making the hotdogs?

A:  Absolutely Yes.  


Q:  How much space do you need?

A:  For smaller events (under 150 hot dogs), the hot dog cart and tables require an 8x10 foot area and vehicle (Nissan NV200 mini cargo van or other similar sized vehicle) to be parked adjacent to cart, or up to 20 feet away.  For larger events (150 hot dogs and more), a minimum of 10x10feet for the cart/tables/canopy and additional 10x15feet for the vehicle parked adjacent to cart




Please contact JonJon via email at for all of your catering inquires. Please include "Availability Inquiry"  in your message subject line and provide the following information:


(Please COPY and PASTE the following into your email & and answer each question):


Date of event:

Desired Serving Start time:  

Event location: Address and description (i.e. Parking garage, Front building courtyard, House front driveway, House backyard/patio, college campus, etc...): 

Event occasion (and name of celebrated person if applicable):  

# of hot dogs (or other items) needed:

Contact Info of person requesting and paying for the catering:  first/last name, email address, cell phone# is required:

Provide the distance to the closest power outlet (115VAC standard outlet):

Are you a tax exempt entity (expecting no sales tax charges)?

Acknowledgement:  Please note that you have read/understand the information on this website page.


If you do not get a response within 24 hours, please call or text JonJon.

Thank YOU again!


cell:  713.992.3202




About Us

About Us



It all started when...

our parents started feeding us delicious Korean and American style food when we were kids.  It didn't hurt that they opened and operated a "Denny's - like" restaurant in Indianapolis, IN (again, while we were kids).

Yes, food (making and serving) is definitely in our blood!