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JonJOns Hotdog shut down aug 2018 and relaunched as in austin tx


JonJOns Hotdog shut down aug 2018 and relaunched as in austin tx





Yes, unfortunately, after deep deep thought, we have relocated to austin TX at the end of August 2018. 

  All is well. we love and will miss houston! 

please check out our new website at


Q:  Why did we down JonJon's in Houston and launching a new hotdog concept in Austin? 

A:  Primary reason:  to avoid conflict with the amazing person that helped me get started in this business, Danny Kim Aka "Yoyo". 

Long story short:  The original plan was for me to train in Houston, then open up in another city (like Austin), however, after a short time, Danny and I decided to partner under yoyo's and grow that brand together in Houston.  Well, that fell apart and i converted my cart/business from yoyo's to JonJon's (which was fine with Danny until i wanted to start growing). 

So that both Danny and i can continue to grow without growing into each other, i thought it was best to revert back to our original plan by starting up in city other than Houston. 

Finally, we'll be working with the YoYo's team to assist them in getting set up for the following weekend in our Midtown (Little Woodrow's spot).


Make It A Great Day!







    JonJon's Street Dog (fully loaded)

This is the flagship dog that has gained us thousands of customers coming in from all parts of the state. We strongly recommend (and P U S H) you on getting your hotdog "Fully Loaded" as that is the recipe that has earned us raves from thousands of customers seeking "the best hotdog ever."   

veggie Dog (Fully loaded)

After testing many types of veggie dogs, JonJon finally found the 'ONE' that was worthy enough to be served to our customers.  It is soy bean based, but it is not bland and flavorless like a lot of the other ones out there.  


"Fully Loaded" includes:  

Toasted bun

100% All Beef Frank or

Premium Veggie Dog

Cream Cheese

Chipotle Mustard

Asian Ketchup

Caramelized Onions

Crunch Mix

Honey Mayo

Sriracha sauce


Salsa Verde Jalepeno (aka "Green Sauce") is NOT included in our fully loaded dogs and must be requested separately.

Important note for all you 'Non-Onion' eaters.  Our onions are caramelized and don't really taste like onions, so just take them without resistance.  We have over 1000 onion-hating customers that EAT our fully loaded hotdogs WITH our caramelized Onions and love them!


Most Popular Orders:

(Green sauce is never included unless specifically requested).

1. "Fully Loaded"  Everything!!!  Most Popular!

2. "Fully Loaded + Green Sauce"  Spicy!

3. "No Dairy"  Everything except - Cream Cheese & Honey Mayo.

4. "No Caramelized Onions" Everything except Caramelized Onions.  

5. "No Crunchy Mix"   Everything except for Fried Crunchy Mix.

6. "No Spicy"  Everything except Chipotle Mustard and Sriracha.

(Green sauce is never included unless specifically requested).



Bottled water



Sunkist Orange




** For CATERING ONLY, we offer OMG Pork Bratwurst!

About Us

About Us



It all started when...

our parents started feeding us delicious Korean and American style food when we were kids.  It didn't hurt that they opened and operated a "Denny's - like" restaurant in Indianapolis, IN (again, while we were kids).

Yes, food (making and serving) is definitely in our blood!